Mystical places of the Rostov region

Mystical places of the Rostov region

Mysterious island Green

Green island, located in the city of Rostov-on-don, has long interested researchers of anomalous phenomena.

They say that before the beginning of the great Patriotic has fallen UFO. It took for a new reconnaissance aircraft of the enemy. However, there is a version that it really was a “flying disc”, designed in the 30-ies of the German sonderburg No. 13 by order of the Fuhrer. However, ufologists believe that it was not German, and. the alien ship.

Famous Moscow researcher Alexey Priyma, until 1973 lived in Rostov, mentions a former employee of the NKVD, who told of crashed on Green island “flying device without wings” unlike any known earthly inventions.

Shortly after the fall of the UFO NKVD troops surrounded Green island. People who lived nearby saw the sheeted trucks at night we went to the island. There was even built a secret underground facility. Its ruins have been preserved until now.

Of the capital came from scientists went around the island, collecting tiny fragments of the wrecked machine, searched for and measured the radioactive, electromagnetic and other traces. The most valuable finds were sent to Moscow, where they studied the secret departments of the Institute.

However, the work is not completed yet. The war began. In the autumn of 41 Continue reading

Stonehenge ancient structures

In the area of Stonehenge was found a more ancient structures

The surrounding area of Stonehenge have been a sanctuary to worship the Sun before the creation of the main stone complex and its preceding designs, showed new archaeological research. Found the road along which the procession of the celebration of the solstice, perfect show topographical orientation by the Sun.

One of the most mysterious ancient monuments of Europe – Stonehenge, located near the town of Salisbury in South-West England, opened the modern scientist one more of its mysteries. Archaeologists have discovered near the main building – a dilapidated ring of huge boulders – two trenches, which could be used in the ancient cults of worshipping the Sun on the summer solstice. However, this discovery does not explain the functions of stone structures: the trench is much older.

The extant stones (their age – about 5 thousand years) were just part of a larger geographical and astronomical and cultural facilities.

“Although today Stonehenge dominates the landscape (for Wiltshire is characterized by a rather monotonous plains and hills), perhaps he was not the only, but also the most important ritual structure. The area where today is located which attracts tourists boulders, could be a sacred place long before the construction of the stone ring,” said Professor of archaeology at the University of Birmingham Continue reading

Old Russian manuscripts

Old Russian manuscripts

Old Russian manuscript book – printing houses and printing presses in antiquity had, books were handwritten on parchment is specially processed pork, veal or lamb skin. In Russia they were called “artania”, “harati” “skin” or “veal”. It was durable and comfortable, but quite expensive material for writing. In the XIV century it has replaced paper of foreign manufacture- “overseas”, however, particularly important documents and in the XVI-XVII centuries continued to write on the parchment.

The transcribers of books were mostly priests, deacons and monks. Those who have read the tragedy of A. S. Pushkin “Boris Godunov”, remember, probably, these lines:

Ever industrious monk

Find my work hard, nameless,

He will Shine as I, his lamp-

And, the dust of centuries from charters shaking,

True stories get a rewrite.

Ink for manuscripts were produced from the ink nuts, cherry glue, tannins and other materials and were distinguished by great resistance.

Scribes wrote with quill pens mostly, subjecting them to special treatment: stuck briefly in the sand or ash and then scrape the unwanted membrane. Interestingly, some surviving ancient manuscripts it is written with a brush.

To read old books without special training is difficult, and not only because the language of our Continue reading

Mystical portrait of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is rich in castles. Residents of the modern city they seem to be characters from children’s fairy tales where castles definitely haunted, in a dark dungeon waiting for his hero – liberator of the sad prisoners. Silent witnesses of centuries of history reflect the desire of their owners to capture their lifestyle in impregnable walls and richly decorated interiors.

The construction of the castle began with careful site selection. As a rule, this was a special place, because the castle was not just a dwelling, it was a fortress, a protection, a sign of power. Steep hills, over rivers, surrounded by dense forest, came on all parameters, and most importantly, they conveyed the power of the ancestors to the future owners of castles. In the era preceding the middle ages, on the hills above the rivers were fortified Slavic settlement, and before that, several hundred years BC Celtic town.

The presence of Celtic tribes in the territory of the Czech Republic remembers the Vltava river (translated from the Celtic “Forest river”). In the bronze age in the valley of the Vltava river held a strategically important trade route, so its banks were thickly inhabited since prehistoric times.

Cesky Krumlov- “Animated fairy tale”

On a cliff above the Vltava is located a well-known travel guides Cesky Krumlov. Once a noble residence, and at the present time, the city – monument, city – tale. According to UNESCO medieval castle with Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic buildings Continue reading

Encyclopedia of mysterious places

ALATYR (Later) – in medieval Russian myths “father of all stones” healing and miracle “navel of the earth”, located in the center of the world,

the middle of the ocean, on the island of Buyan. Preference in the legends was given the Northern location of the Brawler, so most likely Alatyr could be in the Arctic (Hyperborean) or in the Baltic (the old name of the Baltic sea Alatyr).

Currently in Chuvashia (formerly Simbirsk province) is a small town Alatyr, famous for its Arsenal, 15 beautiful churches, old wooden and stone houses, greasy humus and special provincial spirit. In 1925 this Sura was born the famous inventor and founder of practical dendroceratida Boris DODONOV (1925-1998).

Another village nearby Alatyr, near of Pervomaysk in Nizhny Novgorod region.

ALESHINO – explosion of unknown nature in the Ryazan region where there is still a funnel. The explosion occurred almost simultaneously with the explosion under Sasovo and Frolovskaya. The nature of the explosion was never established.

ALTAI is a vast mountainous area on the territory of Russia, Mongolia and China, rich geoactive points. Consists of ranges Continue reading

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